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~ Mothers Milk Magazine

"I just love the sling! I have been using it more than anything else lately, in the baby on hip position. It is so comfortable and so pretty. I really like the fact that Lucas is right there, and that we can communicate while we are out in this 'cuddle' position. With the Baby Trekker I was always looking in store windows to see his reflection and check if he was doing all right. Also, the pocket is brilliant, and when I go out I just put my wallet in there for easy access."

~ Erin and Lucas, Vancouver BC

"Lily and I love our sling!! What a great gift for when we were coming home from the hospital! We just started using the 'forward facing' position and can't wait for the 'on the hip' position. The pocket is the best. Thanks, your slings are the greatest!!"

~ Heather, Canada

"As for the sling - it has saved both my life and my sanity a number of times. What a marvel. Olivia and I love it, it is fantastic around the house when we are by ourselves. You can get so much done and it is so much easier to use than the harness style. so yes I do use it and love it."

~ Fiona, UK

"I find that your slings are simply wonderful and I love the fabrics you chose."

~ Maryse, Cranbrook

"I took my Nurtured Cub sling to my breastfeeding support meeting and everyone loved it . . . The sling is really nice. I was a little worried about the padding. I thought it might be like an OTSBH which is REALLY hot in our Florida summers. However, there's just enough padding to comfort without the baby possibly sweltering. Everyone was really excited . . ."

~ Jenn, Florida USA

"I finally have my little boy, for the last 2.5 months and I love your sling. Baby and I go everywhere together. I put my stroller away in storage because he seems so much happier in a sling, and I can manage walking with him for 1 to 2 hours. I use it to go shopping, hiking, do dishes around the house when he's fussy, put him to sleep when he gets over tired (works like a charm) and yesterday, I used it to secure him to my lap while I worked.
Very versatile, especially if you are creative..."

~ Vini, Vancouver BC

"I love my sling so very much and so does little Mariah. Will send a picture if I can get her to be still enough. She is always on the go! I had the over the shoulder baby holder (4 of them actually), but I find your sling easier for holding a toddler and it
seems lighter weight too (we live in very warm Florida). Thanks so much for being patient and all your help. I will certainly
recommend you to my friends!"

~ Annette, Florida USA

"We received our sling a week or two ago and I don't think Tyler has been out of it since! He loves the forward facing position best of all. And it is AMAZING for those nights when he refuses to go to sleep -- cradle position and he's out within five minutes. I am a timid nurser (first time mom, what can I say?) and love that I can discreetly breastfeed him in public in his sling without feeling exposed. I have had so many people comment on it and I have given your website address to a good number of people, so here's hoping that it drums up some business for you! The sling is, without question, the most useful baby item we own and it was definitely the best investment.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful creations!"

~Mandy and Tyler in Montreal

"She (the baby) took to it (the sling) right away and it has become the place to go in our most fussy times. Scott comes back from walks and just leaves it on for an entire nap. He hasn't stopped raving about it. It will be even more sacred when I start working."

~ Lana, BC, Canada

"I've loved my daughter-in-law's sling, and so wanted one of my own for all the grandchildren. Great website.

~ Angela, Victoria BC

"Just to let you know that the sling is the BEST thing to happen to me since Kayla was born....
I LOOOVVVEE it!! I really researched all the slings available and I liked the look of yours best.
It works like a dream, I use it when she is fussy and she even falls asleep while I'm busy with the washing. It has made grocery shopping a pleasure and having your hands free makes life so much more easier and pleasant. I'll send you a picture."
Thank you very much!!

~ Kim, Ontario

"My customers love your slings! I offer 5 different styles of
carriers/slings and show them all, and yours is preferred. I'm going to encourage them to put in a rating for you over at"

~ Laurie from Portable Kid in Bellingham, WA

"I've had the sling for almost a week now and it's awesome. The first few times putting Hailey in was interesting, but once I started pacing around, she was out! I'm absolutely loving it.

~ Irene, Vancouver BC

"Checked your site out. I've seen your slings around and they are fabulous! Wish I knew about them before I got the one I have. I'll be recommending them to everyone I know now that I have your website."

~ Sharri, BC Canada

". . .I think your slings are beautiful. I bought a sling for a friend and it does not compare to the nurtured cub slings. I have just ordered two slings for two different friends . . . I can't wait until we have our own children and I can buy a few for myself."

~ Karlene, Ontario

"I *love* my sling. I’ve tried several ring slings before, and just couldn’t’ figure them out, but yours is *perfect* for me and my son. In the time it took my DH to say, “why on earth did you buy another one”, I had it on and Kelton situated comfortably in it. It has just the right amount of padding to provide security without feeling bulky, and it’s very easy to adjust."

"I love the fabric too….the picture really didn’t do it justice….it’s even more gorgeous than I had hoped! There's a shimmery detail to it that makes it look really elegant. And the pocket is exactly the right size to fit my wallet, cell phone and a diaper....all at once."

~ Marla, Ontario

"It has come in so handy and is so comfy . . . he is in it right now nursing
away happily and he coos constantly when he is all snuggled in there. I'm
getting lots of compliments on the sling on our few recent outings. I am
sending them your way. He is 4 hours old in that pic slung by daddy."

~ Ril, Ontario


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