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 I'm not so sure my story is either unusual or incredible, but because my sling is indespensable, I thought I'd share why...

Eagerly anticipating my new baby, I bought my first sling. The same one my cousin had bought and raved about. My beautiful little girl was born only a couple months later.

In the first weeks, I noticed my little one asked a little more of my than my friends babies had asked of them and had a very difficult time in the arms of other caregivers. She seemed to have such a hard time settling into this new world!

The sling seemed to be the solution. Though, admittedly, there was a bit of a learning curve, I soon wondered how I would have ever gotten by without it. Mira seemed so content and settled when close to me. I started to talk to anyone who would listen about sling magic.

Since those first weeks, our lives have taken a dramatic turn and the sling I thought was a wonderful convienence has become a necessity.

My partner and I learned our little girl is blind. Suddenly so much made sense. A surgery was schedualled to attempt to salvage some sight; what a frightening experience to send your 2 month old in for eye surgery! One of my biggest fears (aside from the obvious anxiety about the surgery itself) was how Mira and I would last the required six hours before surgery without nursing. She NEVER went more than two hours.

The big day arrived and I nursed her off to sleep in our sling at 12:00 noon on the nose. Amazingly, she was so comfortable and content, she remained asleep until we needed to rouse her for pre op five and a half hours later! And when she did wake, she was peaceful and calm. I like to think that keeping her close in this way soothed both of us, helped me relax and helped her to relax in turn.

Since her surgery we have been in touch with parents and professionals to get advice on how best to help our baby learn and adapt in her environment. The FIRST thing everyone says is: "Wear her. Get one of those snuggly things and wear her everywhere you go. While you do talk to her. Let her feel things. She will learn by experiencing your world." Looks like we are well on our way...

Bridie and Mira



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