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Advantages of Sling Babywearing

Carried Babies Cry Less

     Babies are comforted by the motion, smells, and warmth of their parents. The sling helps ease the transition from womb to outside world. Researchers have found that babies settle best when held by caregivers who move in all planes of motion (up and down, side to side, and back and forth), and they cry less then babies who are only rocked side to side.

Helps Babies Learn

     Mothers who carry their babies often become sensitive to their baby's cues and often anticipate their needs even before they cry. Less energy used by babies for crying means more energy for growing and learning. Babies carried in slings spend more time in "quiet alertness", a state best responsive to learning. At adult eye level they are best able to interact with and observe their environments. A stimulating environment is important to brain growth in babies.

Helps Babies Develop Motor Skills

     Scientists are finding that the gentle and abundant motion that babies experience during babywearing stimulates the vestibular system. This is the system responsible for controlling a baby's sense of balance located behind the middle ear. This stimulation helps babies breathe and grow better, regulates their physiology, and improves motor development.

Enhances Speech Development

     Baby is up at voice and eye level, so is more involved in conversations. Also, some sounds have the potential to frighten babies but when babies feel comfortable and safe worn next to their parents, these sounds can have learning value.

Makes Breastfeeding Easier

     Not that breastfeeding needs to be hidden from the public, but some mothers feel more comfortable when both breast and baby are out of sight.

Makes going out Easier

     Going out is easier because mothers are still able to nurse on demand while not missing out on the world around them. Babies in slings are usually quiet and content. This makes them much more acceptable in adult surroundings.

Easier for Parents

     Parents carry their children. Slings help parents by distributing the baby's weight comfortably in the back rather then in the arms. This also allows for free hands for doing daily activities like washing dishes, preparing meals, grocery shopping, etc.

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Information gathered from personal experience and

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