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About Us

     Nurtured Cub is a company created by me, Kristy Comishin. I am a trained Registered Nurse but am currently working as a full-time SAHM (stay at home mom) with my two children. Hand making baby slings and developing a web-based company are a creative outlet for me.

     When my son was born in January 2001 I had no idea about all the benefits associated with babywearing (a term created by Dr. William Sears, a renowned attachment parenting advocate, pediatrician and author). I received my sling as a gift and found out how to wear it from the wonderful moms at the local Le Leche League Group.

     We have other baby carriers. We sometimes use a Baby Trekker and a backpack-type carrier; both have been great for hikes and long walks. Lately I have been trying to familiarize myself with a wrap-style sling but still use our ring sling everyday.

     During my pregnancy with my daughter I was able to carry my son in the sling. After her birth in November of 2002 I easily carried her in it and could do all of my other daily mom-things that need to get done. She was happy and content right next to me and in easy access of her source of food. Jealousy from my son was minimized because I had my hands free to help meet his needs.

     I have discretely breastfed on demand in the grocery store, parks, walking through a museum, hiking and many other public places or where it has been inconvenient or impossible to sit down.

     Besides all of the benefits to parents, slings are a joy for kids. Spending time in the sling is very helpful when toddlers are feeling frustrated and upset and need to reconnect with their parents. A few minutes in the sling can help them to quickly calm down and feel right again.

     This company would never have been started without the wonderful support of my family and friends especially my husband Ryan and my father.

     Thanks to everyone!



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