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Nurtured Cub Baby Slings

Nurtured Cub Baby Slings are comfortable; quality handcrafted and affordably priced baby carriers. They feature lightweight metal rings, a pocket suitable for extra diapers, toys, wallets, etc. and are "lightly" padded along the pouch, back strap and shoulder to ensure extra comfort without bulkiness. The fabric used is excellent quality cotton material in many beautiful patterns and colours with stitching in key areas doubled and tripled to ensure safety. They have been tested to safely hold children from premature newborns to 35 lb. toddlers or preschoolers and can be used by many including moms, dads, grandparents, babysitters, etc.

Babywearing, a term coined by attachment parenting advocate Dr.Crippen, is an excellent way to promote baby-parent bonding through scientifically and intuitively researched methods. It is an excellent way to get out and about with your baby as babies carried in slings are usually happy and content and can be included in many “adult” settings. Breastfeeding while out is easier because your baby is close to its food source and the sling’s tail may offer privacy. It may also help to reduce the occurrence of PPD (postpartum depression).

Nurtured Cub Baby Slings are Canadian-made by a WAHM (work at home mom).

Baby Sling Features

Sling Features

  • Preshrunk, durable cotton material in many beautiful patterns and colours.
  • Strong and lightweight metal rings.
  • Easy to adjust to fit children from infants to toddlers.
  • Light padding on back for Wearer's comfort. The unique padded backstrap makes the sling easier to use as it doesn’t twist and bunch up as can happen with slings in which the fabric on the back is left open. The padding is light enough that it is not too hot according to my Florida customers!
  • Light padding along pouch for Baby's comfort. Baby’s head and legs are gently held by a strip of light padding inside the fabric.
  • Superior Quality, handmade.
  • Double stitching in key areas to ensure safety.
  • High quality 100% Cotton thread to ensure strong seams and long usage.
  • The open tail of the sling makes for easier adjustment of the pouch. Each pouch rail can be individually adjusted to ensure a comfortable fit especially when more than one wearer uses the sling. It can also be used to cover your baby to protect them from the sun or rain or to provide privacy when breastfeeding.
  • A pocket is conveniently located on the open tail of the sling; perfect for carrying toys, wallet, keys, diaper, etc..
  • Nurtured Cub Baby Slings were designed to be as comfortable and convenient as possible without being bulky. For this reason just enough padding is used to ensure comfort but the sling is still easy to wear under a jacket, during the hot summer months or folded in a diaper bag when not in use.
  • Purchasing a Nurtured Cub Baby Sling helps support a Canadian SAHM (stay at home mom).
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Please Note

     Nurtured Cub slings are safe, but discretion and common sense must be used regarding child safety, especially when doing activities like cooking, etc. Because it is possible for any carrying device to be used without due care, we (Nurtured Cub) can not accept responsibility for any injury that occurs while carrying your infant/child in the sling.




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